Sophomore jinx

It turns out that writing a second blog entry is harder than writing a first.  The first was easy.  No boundaries, no expectations, the excitement of the new.  Now I feel constrained. I’m censoring myself. Not sure why.  Especially since no one is reading it!

One possibility is something I read recently in a challenging book called “Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture” by Michael Frost.  In a scathing but accurate indictment of the current trend toward “hyper-reality”, he lambastes so-called reality TV and blogs both.  While he admits that, at their best, blogs can be useful and informative, the overwhelming majority are a waste of electrons, pathetic attempts to boost the author’s ego or trash some victim of his wrath.

While my hope and intent are that this blog will do neither, my guard is up.

The blessing and curse of not working and therefore having time on my hands (in a sense) is that I read a lot.  “Exiles” is just one of many that have challenged me in my walk with Christ. (It’s both exhilarating and discouraging to be challenged in this way.)  Other books I’ve read in an attempt to improve my writing skills.  (Who knows whether either have actually worked?)

Most likely, I’ll write about some of what I’ve read in coming days (and weeks and years, if this blog survives that long).

Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture


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