RIP: Krazy Karry’s (2004-2010)

Recently I received word that a friend had died.  Too young.  I wasn’t blogging at the time, or else this would have been posted then.  Better late than never in the case of a minor tragedy pointing to a greater one.

Krazy Karry’s, the last great independent burger venue in our vicinity, closed its doors a couple of months ago, the victim of greed and a nation’s insatiable appetite for sameness.

The tag line for Krazy Karry’s Backyard Grill was, “The best burger you’ll ever eat.”  Unlike so many corporate mottoes, this one was accurate.  Unfortunately, people in the 20th century have traded quality for homogeneity, excellence for monotony.  As a result, while our choices seem to be ever-increasing, the choice is simply between one mediocre commodity and another.  That’s why your movie choices next year will be between “Iron Man 3”, “Spiderman 8”, and “Saw [Infinity]”.  It’s no different with burgers.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

I talked to Don, the founder and former owner of Krazy Karry’s.  He is at peace with the loss.  He and his wife (the Krazy one herself) have moved on to alternate employment.  For that, I am grateful.

As is so often the case, it is those of us left behind who suffer most. Where am I supposed to go for a great burger now?  McDonald’s? Applebee’s?  Please!

Will the US population ever tire of their lemming-like feeding habits?  Why are people so afraid to eat anywhere that hasn’t received the masses’ stamp of approval?  Restaurants are notoriously transient establishments by nature, but when is the last time you heard of a MacDonald’s or Chili’s closing its doors?  (I can only dream.)

It seems that whenever one of these superfluous clones opens up in a town, there is a mob of people waiting to get in as if there was nowhere else to eat.  Witness the insane lines at cookie cutter joints like The Cheesecake Factory.  What’s the attraction?  The higher prices?  The cool buzzer you get to hold onto during your hour-long wait for a table?  The mediocre food that’s exactly the same as you’ll get in the Tulsa franchise?  Maybe it’s the privilege of reading advertisements in the menu.  Beats me.

I’m glad that there will be an obituary written about me before the only remaining dining choices in this country are Dunkin Donuts, Olive Garden, and Taco Bell.

In lieu of flowers, eat at a dining establishment that has no carbon copies that cover our countryside like a cancer.

Krazy Karry’s is dead.  Long live independence!

Krazy Karry's logo

Krazy Karry's logo


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One Response to RIP: Krazy Karry’s (2004-2010)

  1. JT says:

    The McDonalds at Rtes. 27 & 111 in Acton closed a couple of years ago. There’s still hope! (But no Joe D’s…)

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