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It’s been nearly a week since the last post.  That’s too long.  For me, not you. In order to avoid my natural inclination to whine, I’m making another list of things I’m thankful for.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but if we … Continue reading

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Taking exception to “Inception”

I know the movie of the moment is “Inception”.  It’s a heavily hyped, high octane, heady thriller that I’m supposed too be thrilled with.  But I have serious problems with it.  For such a cerebral movie, it had some downright … Continue reading

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Haiti, Ten Years After

It occurs to me that, although it is a huge part of my life, I have not written a post devoted to Haiti.  That may be because I also maintain a web site of a non-profit on whose board I … Continue reading

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To Save a Church

I saw a movie this week that, despite its shortcomings, has stuck with me and caused some interesting discussions among family members.   The weird thing is that it’s a so-called “Christian” movie.  (I’m still not sure what that means.  See … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m suffering from PCPSD, or Post Car Purchase Stress Disorder.  This weekend, I bought a car.  Being a Honda-holic, at least the choice of which make to buy was non-threatening.  The dealer, model, and style choices were a whole … Continue reading

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Frog Pond Skater

I’m trying something new today.  Besides my usual spill-my-guts routine, I’d like to start posting some more formal “creative” writing in order to get feedback from my huge reading public.  (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) This short story was written several … Continue reading

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A temptation that I would not be led into blog-wise is the one that would cause this to become a catalog of complaints, a gazetteer of gripes, a compendium of criticism.  Every day, something happens that bugs me, ticks me … Continue reading

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