It’s been nearly a week since the last post.  That’s too long.  For me, not you.

In order to avoid my natural inclination to whine, I’m making another list of things I’m thankful for.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but if we wait for the “big things” to happen before we express our gratitude, we’ll find ourselves in a pretty bleak state.

  • I’m still walking.
  • I’m still writing.
  • I’m still riding my bike.
  • My wife is doing well after oral surgery.  As I waited for her in the office where the procedure was done, I had a sudden urge to pray for her, so I did.  She said afterward that at one point during the surgery she started to feel really poorly.  She also prayed and it passed.  I can’t help but think that’s no coincidence.  (I wish prayer always worked that way.  That’s a knot for another post.)
  • I successfully replaced a flat tire on my wife’s bike!  That may not sound like a big deal, but for a klutz like me, it might as well have been repairing the space shuttle.
  • A friend in Haiti passed his exam to get his driving license.
  • A good friend got a job offer after a very long period of unemployment.
  • God is good… all the time.
  • Back from camp, my daughter is experimenting with making desserts, especially chocolate ones.  As a dutiful father, I am there to test them for her.  (I just give and give and give!)

That’s it for now.  I didn’t get into the day-by-day stuff like daily bread, great weather, needed rain, shelter, etc.  but that is just as important to consider.  Since spending time with my friends in Haiti, I don’t want to take any of that for granted.


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