Nebransas, Kansaska*

I’ve been gone from this blog waaaaaay too long.  I have been writing, however.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons I’ve neglected this blog.

Downtown Superior hasn’t changed much

For two weeks in September, I attended a “screenwriting colony“.  It was essentially a retreat for (wannabe) screenwriters.  I won’t go into the writing part, which was extremely beneficial.  No, what I want to write about is the surreal experience that was Superior, Nebraska.

Imagine a town with a population of 2000, but with 13 churches. When someone pointed out one area that was the “dead center” of Superior, the mostly closed shop fronts proved his words absolutely accurate.

Now let’s talk fine dining.  There is not a single ethnic restaurant in Superior.  Unless you count Pizza Hut.  (Don’t.)  No, the choice is between the aforementioned nasty pizza place, Subway, and Dairy Queen.  Now, that’s cuisine!

There were actually a few more choices.  There was the “Velvet Rose” on the outskirts of town, but the name alone scared me off.  Or I could have gone to the Elks hall.  ‘Nuff said. Finally, there was a funky restaurant/bar/Keno hall called Dave’s (owned by “Don”, of course).  That’s where I ate most of my meals.

In the spirit of full disclosure, as well as a good laugh, I should tell you that a Mexican restaurant opened while I was there.  Unfortunately, everyone who went there the night it opened, including most of the people participating in the colony, got sick on their meals.  It turns out that the restaurant’s refrigeration was broken for the entire day.  They knew it and they served the food anyway.  I guess when your competition is DQ, you can get by with little oversights like that.

Then there was the obsession – and when I say obsession, I’m talking full-tilt, over-the-top, completely-nuts mania – for the football Huskers of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  On game day, everyone of every age wears their red and watches the game.  The headlines in nearly all the NE papers I saw while I was there were about the Huskers.

On the positive side, the town was peaceful and quiet and the good citizens of Superior were warm and friendly, though naturally curious about the strange crew of creative types who had invaded their quaint Victorian hamlet.  Just the same, I think I’ve had my fill of Nebraska for a lifetime.  Although I will miss the Big “D” Burger at Dave’s.

I could go on for an extended time about the Superior Experience.  Just ask my family and friends to whom I’ve related minute details.  At least now you can understand why I haven’t added to the blog.  I’ve been coming down from the Superior high.

* The reference here is to a fictional location created by a character in a wonderful youth novel entitled Savvy.  Check it out!

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3 Responses to Nebransas, Kansaska*

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  2. Dan & Ila Lynch says:

    Sounds like my hometown….. I’ve been to Superior.

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