Advent Conspiracy

Christmas is insane.  Pure and simple.  There is no way around it.  If you don’t claim to follow Jesus, you’re OK.  You can celebrate – or not – any way you want.  But for those of us who profess an allegiance to the One whose birthday we supposedly commemorate, we’ve got it all wrong.

Lots of us have bumper stickers or pins (or pens or shirts or hats or cookies or blah, blah, blah) proclaiming Jesus as the “reason for the season”.  How can overspending, overconsuming, overeating, and overdoing be considered an appropriate way to observe the birthday of a Savior who was born into poverty, lived in obscurity and died in ignominy?  (Hint: It can’t.)

Advent Conspiracy is a movement I first learned of two Christmases ago. I watched this video and it literally changed my life.  Please watch it then consider how you will celebrate this Christmas.

Will you spend money you don’t have for gifts the recipients don’t need?  Will you ask the question, “What do I give the person who has everything?” Or will you ask, “What can I do for the person who has nothing?”

If you’re looking for ideas, try these places:

Servants for Haiti – I confess a conflict of interest here since I am this organization’s director of communications. We are committed to the long term rebuilding of Haiti.  See our web site for more info.

Partners in Health – These people are curing the world.  Where people in developing nations are dying of curable diseases such as tuberculosis or malaria, PIH brings life-saving care.

World Vision – This is one of the most effective relief organizations in the world.  A particularly fun way to give is through their gift catalog. Through it, you can give your loved ones goats, chickens, or ducks while giving a suffering child hope.  Does it get any better than that?

Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All

Join the conspiracy.


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