A Place for Truth

A Place for TruthI recently finished reading a book entitled “A Place for Truth“. The book contains a series of transcribed talks and debates regarding the reality of something called “Truth” and more specifically, the basis for the Christian version of truth.  These presentations came under the auspices of The Veritas Forum, an organization based at Harvard University.  “Veritas” is Latin for “truth” and is one word in Harvard’s (and several other Ivy league schools’) motto.  Unfortunately, the politically correct atmosphere that pervades modern academia has all but eliminated the search for truth.  Indeed, its existence is mostly denied.

This was a refreshing read for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it was a logical and mostly impassive approach to issues that are, to put it bluntly but without exaggeration, the most important in the history of mankind.  Those who deny the ultimate significance of ultimate truth are either lying to themselves or simply not thinking.

Second, the book was not a one-sided diatribe by a bunch of people who agree with each other.  There are at least three debates recorded between people of faith and those who are hostile to same.  I don’t think the significance of such dialogues in this day and age of vitriolic discord and division can be overstated.  I’m sick and tired of preaching from the right or the left.  When did people stop talking and just start yelling at each other?  Could Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, or Al Franken possibly survive a true debate with a qualified opponent?  We’ll never know because it will never happen.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book to all people.  It will challenge those who count themselves as followers of Christ to be more intelligent and intentional in that walk.  To those who reject the claims of Christ, it will give plenty to consider.  To everyone, it will make us think.  And that’s a Good Thing.


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One Response to A Place for Truth

  1. Dear rickconti,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed A Place for Truth—particularly the dialogues, also my favorite chapters. We hope this book will inspire a lot of different people to rethink assumptions about the nature of truth and about truth itself! Would you be willing to help spread the word? We’d love for you to include this blog post as an Amazon review. If you’d be willing, please let me know at chris@veritas.org.

    Thanks, and take care,

    -Chris- (rubicon1035)
    The Veritas Team

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