This is a movie review.  I usually don’t feel any great need to do these.  Who the heck cares what movies I like?  This is different.  Because it appears to have disappeared below popular radar, I’m trying to promote this movie more than judge it.

Rob Reiner has made more than his fair share of good movies, some I would argue are great – “The Princess Bride”, “The Bucket List”, and “When Harry Met Sally”, for example.  Somehow his latest, a little gem called “Flipped“, was lost in the shuffle of overblown, over-hyped studio tentpoles being marketed to people in the 12-21 age and IQ range.  I’m not sure they knew what to do with this movie.

I never saw “Flipped” advertised or listed on movie marquees.  I assume it went straight to video.  No great loss to the viewer because this is an intimate little film – no car chases, no explosions, no aliens or super-heroes (at least not of the comic book variety).  It can be appreciated as well or better at home than at the Cineplex 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-∞ .

As small as this movie is, it has a huge heart.  It loves the people it’s about and tells their funny, touching story beautifully.  That story is young love and how it first strikes a certain boy and girl in the early ’60’s.

The other, less central but even more powerful story involves the interactions between the two main families in the film.  Observing them deal with their differences and prejudices is certainly entertaining but equally poignant.

If the more technical film stuff interests you, it’s all there.  The movie is gorgeously shot, the performances all spot-on, and the soundtrack will stir any oldsters like me.  This feels like real life, from the middle school environment to the dining table conversations.  “Flipped” is a true pleasure to watch and I recommend it highly.

For those who are concerned about such issues, you should be aware that there are a few minor but completely appropriate swears.  Unless you have some really tight moral standards, you won’t find anything else objectionable here.  The excellence far outweighs such nit-picking in my opinion.

But, as I said, who cares what I think?  Check it out for yourself.


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