Somehow, I’ve gone nearly five months without a “thank you” post.  Inconceivable!  For an intro to my philosophy of thanksgiving (the lifestyle, not the holiday) see my first “thanx” post here.

The lag between such posts is not a reflection on the number of blessings in my life, but more of a statement on my laziness.

Herewith, a pile more blessings to count:

  1. Finished my eighth screenplay
  2. Attended the Austin Film Festival and a screenwriting colony
  3. The Java Room
    1. The Morgan Scott Trio
    2. Chatting with friends over coffee and/or hot cocoa
  4. My daughter’s acceptance into two colleges (so far)
  5. My son’s new/old job
  6. Nicholas Nickleby
  7. Wonderful, peaceful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations
  8. A warm, dry home, especially during a winter like this
  9. God is good, all the time
  10. Had some sketches performed at Grace Community

As usual, I could go on and on.  I am still able to drive and exercise.  I still have the chance to rest when I need to.  My family is awesome.  I have the privilege of gathering with other people with MS and other folks seeking to help Haiti.  Lots of great books read, movies seen.  Still writing screenplays and three blogs.  God’s Word continually amazes me, transforms me, and inspires me.  Having my Creator involved in my life, growing and changing me, is a blessing that I will never deserve or grow tired of.

And if you just read this, I’m thankful for you.


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