Last minute trivia pitch

I have no time for a post today, although I’ve got plenty of topics to write about.  For the remainder of the week, my waking hours (which are less and less all the time) will be dedicated to preparing for Trivia Night.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to come to this fundraiser for Servants for Haiti.  This is our second year doing this, and there is genuine excitement building.  Please drop in, if only to say hello and make some bids on our fantastic collection of auction items.

Here are the pertinent links:

Even if you can’t come, visit the site between Tuesday, 3/29 and Friday, 4/1 and you’ll be able to place a bid on those auction items in absentia.  But people who come can top on-line bids, so you better come in person.

I hope we see you there.  I guarantee you’ll have fun and you’ll find some great stuff to bid on.  And the end result of all this hoopla is that more families in Haiti will have homes.

Top that!


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