A new “thanx” post is way overdue.  (I’ve heard your demands!)  This post ends the drought.  There has been no shortage of things to be thankful for – there never is – but there has been a shortage of time.  The recent Trivia for Haiti has consumed all of my time and energy for several weeks now.  Which leads me to my first thank you…

  1. The aforementioned Trivia game and accompanying silent auction were a huge success.  Lots of money was made for homes in Haiti and lots of fun was had.  We had so many people that we actually had to ask some not to come.  We’re already talking about next year.  And we’ll make sure to have plenty of space!  (I could have made several bullets out of this one, but there are only so many hours in the day.)
  2. My family is 10 for 10 in college applications.  (Hopefully I’ll have a future post thanking God for supplying the tuition money. 🙂 )
  3. A group of talented friends did a reading of one of my scripts.  It was powerfully helpful.
  4. My son and I have played some of the most amazing cribbage games ever.
  5. Out of the blue I called an old friend.  Turns out he needed the call.
  6. God is transforming me.  Too slowly for those I rub elbows with, I’ll admit, but forward is better than slipping back or even stagnation.
  7. People have been accepting my invitations.  How weird and good is that?
  8. My younger daughter had great trip to the UK with some schoolmates.
  9. She also had a horrific accident with a blender that miraculously left no permanent damage other than a nasty scar.
  10. Finally, said daughter sang a solo in her school’s choral concert.  She was wicked good.
  11. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox today at Fenway’s opening day.  (The order is significant.  It’s far more important that the team that ruined baseball lose than the team who have followed in their footsteps win.)
  12. The warm weather is here!

That’s it for now.  I have to be more disciplined in recording these things.  I spend much of my day expressing my gratitude, but when it comes time to post them, many slip my mind.

Be grateful every day!


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