It has been so long since my last “thank you” post (nearly a third of a year) that I might be giving the impression that I am lacking in things to be thankful for.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If anything, I am impeded by the sheer profusion of gifts for which I owe more than gratitude.  Here is but a small sample of things that come to mind:

  1. My family is well and then some.
  2. An awesome Spinners game with my father, brother, and two of his kids.  We got two balls from players and had them signed by the player of the game.
  3. Chipwiches.
  4. A weekend visit from several of my favorite people all at once.
  5. My youngest graduated from high school.
  6. A close friend who had been in rehab for a loooooong time, is home and doing better.
  7. Another friend who was fighting cancer is doing well.
  8. Plans proceeding well to make a short film soon.
  9. Empty nest syndrome.
  10. Dear people seeking God.
  11. Biking on the bike path with friends.
  12. A new med making life a lot easier.
  13. The Summer of Pizza (look for a related post soon).
  14. Time on MV.
  15. Our 33rd anniversary.
  16. A new and fun script well underway.
  17. Hang Time.
  18. Summer.
  19. New friends from faraway places.
  20. The Lowell Folk Festival (that should have been a post of its own).

I could go on (and on (and on (and on…))) but 20 is a nice round number.  Keep giving thanx!


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