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Steady State Panic

Panic is supposed to be a momentary thing.  Something happens, you panic, you either recover from the situation or you don’t, and you move on.  The panic ends and you get on with your life at its usual tepid pace … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#1

At the risk of succumbing to the Hollywood syndrome of exploiting endless franchise retreads to substitute for creativity and imagination, I introduce yet another “series” to my humble blog. The classic spiritual disciplines – e.g. fasting, prayer, solitude, etc. – … Continue reading

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One-third of 2011 has passed since I initiated the first of these lazy-man’s-posts.  That seems adequate passage of time before trying a new one.  Anyway, I need the filler. First, one of the most inspiring statements I’ve ever read: Far … Continue reading

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Lies we believe #1

Every day we are confronted with messages from TV, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, and each other.  Many of the messages that we receive are lies.  Deliberately misleading fabrications.  Some are for profit, some for power, others simply for self-promotion. … Continue reading

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