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Christmas villains reformed

[I know Christmas is already in the rear view mirror, but those things are indeed larger than they appear.  Thus one more visit to a ripe subject matter.] There are three “bad guys” in the pop culture version of Christmas.†  … Continue reading

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Everyone Says I Love You

The title of this post is shared by at least one (Marx Brothers) song and at least one (Woody Allen) movie.  Yet in my estimation, the sentiment is anything but true.  Everyone doesn’t say I love you.  In fact, very … Continue reading

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Shameless advertisement

I can’t help it.  The cause is too important.  Although I don’t have many readers, it’s worth a shot.  The good people of Servants for Haiti are always trying to raise money.  One way that we’re doing it is to … Continue reading

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I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone between posts.  In the words of “Big John” Lane, “I’m in saaaaad shape.”  Actually, I’m doing great; one more reason to feel guilty of not posting anything, especially a “thanx” post, … Continue reading

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