I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone between posts.  In the words of “Big John” Lane, “I’m in saaaaad shape.”  Actually, I’m doing great; one more reason to feel guilty of not posting anything, especially a “thanx” post, especially around the time of Thanksgiving.  You’d think that would be a slam-dunk, wouldn’t you?

So here’s a (partial) list for ya.

  1. The wildest Thanksgiving ever: 24 people for dinner, several stayover people, babies all over the place, games of all sorts, and food, food, food.
  2. Miracles during my daughter’s first few days at college.
  3. Having her home for Thanksgiving.
  4. Plus, her making super yummy treats at school.  She’ll be trying them out for us when she comes home for Christmas.
  5. My bride.  Need I say more?  We’re MFEO.
  6. A few days on the Vineyard.
  7. Some great books, including: Paul Farmer, Anne Lamott, and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time“.
  8. Lunch and (virtual) coffee with buds.
  9. Stability.
  10. A reunion at the Mall.  (Not as strange as it sounds.)
  11. The Patriots.  They’re a lot of fun to watch.
  12. A new, safer way into my house courtesy of Bricks and Stones.
  13. The new roommates: Pater and Josh
  14. The work of Servants for Haiti.
  15. Red Robin in Nashua
  16. The Bike Path
  17. A Wicked Warm fall.  Who would have thought we’d still be riding bikes and eating ice cream outside at Sully’s in November??  Speaking of which…
  18. Sully’s!!
  19. The Tree of Life
  20. Whoonu
  21. Jesus… without whom none of the above makes any sense.

Man, I could go on and on (and on and on…) but this enough for now.  Except this:  Thank you to anyone who reads my doodles.


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