Shameless advertisement

Buy a journal made in Haiti.

I can’t help it.  The cause is too important.  Although I don’t have many readers, it’s worth a shot.  The good people of Servants for Haiti are always trying to raise money.  One way that we’re doing it is to follow the example of (i.e. steal from) other charitable organizations.  We have a “gift catalog”.

In the spirit of the Advent Conspiracy (q.v. my previous post) we encourage people to give to those who truly need and appreciate the gifts.  A lot of worthy groups do this: Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision, among others.  I have no problem mentioning other groups because we aren’t competing with them.  We are working alongside them to advance the Kingdom of God.

Build a house for a family.

Nevertheless, I would ask you to consider supporting SFH through our Gift Catalog.  It isn’t as spiffy as those other groups’ catalogs are.  After all, I put it together.  How good could it be?  Besides, our budget for it is exactly $0.00.  Regardless, the money will be put to good… no, great use.  I can vouch for that because I am on the team that makes sure that it is.  And you can visit our work any time to check it out for yourself.  Or participate in it yourself by joining one of our teams.

The bottom line (It’s always about the bottom line, isn’t it?) is that you’ll be doing a lot more than adding to the madness of Christmas, not to mention adding to landfills soon thereafter.   You’ll be following the command of Christ and making a tangible difference in the world.

And wouldn’t that make for a Merry Christmas?

Send a future doctor to medical school.

Feel free to mention the catalog to friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers on the street, anyone, and everyone.

Merry Christmas.


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