After posting my last article, I realized that I’d left something out.  It’s understandable because I’d mentioned it before in another post.  Still, it’s so pitch perfect for the previous post that I’m placing it here as well.

As I’ve mentioned many times in this blog, I like to write screenplays.  Feature length is my format of choice, but short scripts are also fun.  In fact, they have the one advantage that they can be made into real films… if I do it myself.  Herewith one of those efforts.

The last post talks a lot about compassion, understanding, and misunderstanding.  With some friends, I made a video showing a typically uncomfortable conversation.  While not exactly true, it is a composite view of reality, to which anyone with MS can attest.

Please check it out:

You’ll recognize yourself and/or many of your acquaintances.  Most people really do mean well, so it’s best to cut them some slack at first.  After a while, hopefully they make more of an effort at understanding and relating more compassionately.  In the meantime, we add this to the list of burdens that MS loads on our shoulders.

Another fun place to visit is the web site “” .  It deals with a number of “invisible illnesses”.  Nice to know we have lots of company.


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One Response to MSensitivity

  1. kerrieb40 says:

    At least I’m not the only one that seems to get annoyed by things. The video was spot on.

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