MLK and other prophets

Today is Martin Luther King day.  There is little doubt in my mind that MLK was a prophet.  He brought God’s Word of justice and equality to a nation that didn’t want to hear it.  Like most true prophets, he paid for this privilege with his life.  He never got to see any real fruit of that ministry.  I suspect he is happy to see a black man as president of the US.

When Reverend King and his followers were fighting for civil rights, it was common practice by desperate opponents to brand them as Communists. What else could they do?  Racists have no moral foundation to stand on.  Dr. King had taken the high ground of scripture and peaceful resistance.  Name-calling is the last resort of intellectually and morally weak opposition.

Not many years before, the same thing happened to union activists during that movement’s infancy.  They were beaten, arrested, and killed for trying to form the unions that have been so critical to the protection of workers’ rights.  (Unfortunately, many of today’s unions have lost that original vision.  Can anyone take a baseball players’ union seriously?)

When I was protesting the Vietnam war in the 60′s, I got the same treatment.  We were Commies.  To question the country’s militaristic adventures overseas was seen as unpatriotic.

It’s hard to believe those things today.  Would anyone like to go back to the days of lynching blacks, exploiting workers, and shipping boys off to useless wars? (OK, so we still do the last one.)

The point is that when you’re called a Commie, realize that you’ve already won. The opposition has thrown in the towel. They have no moral foundation and they know it.  Senator McCarthy proved that point once and for all.

The funny thing is that all those people who were branded Communists had one thing in common: They were right.  Racism is wrong.  Unions are necessary.  Stupid wars should be stopped.

Today, it’s the Occupy Wall Street movement getting the same treatment.  Unpatriotic Commies, the lot of them.  Good for them.  Like all those other prophets, they will be proven right eventually.  Having a country run by the richest few is a Bad Thing.

Here’s to the Crazy Commies!


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