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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#3

(This post was formerly titled “But enough about you…“.  It wasn’t until I was writing a later “discipline” post that I realized that this one describes the discipline of refraining from talking about oneself for a day.  I’m retroactively calling … Continue reading

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Lies we believe #2

While we believe all sorts of lies, many of them are benign.  Our willingness to buy into these lies is dependent on our biases.  If I believe my life is tough here in the U.S., no amount of truth about … Continue reading

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I can never give enough thanx for all that I’ve been blessed with.  While I’m thankful to a lot of people, the origin of “all good things”, as the song and the Word say, is my heavenly Father. If there … Continue reading

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Biking the Vineyard

You may choose to call this yet another lazy man’s post.  I prefer the description busy/sick/tired man’s post.  What it amounts to is a bunch of links for a good cause. I write posts for a blog about Martha’s Vineyard, … Continue reading

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Haiti – The Good News

There’s rarely a shortage of news coming out of Haiti.  It’s even more rare to be good news.  Here’s my view. I was in Haiti three weeks ago, my first trip since the earthquake.  While my brief glimpse was anything … Continue reading

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Trivia – Home Edition

I’ve been absent for a while.  First, I traveled to Haiti.  Then I ran the SFH trivia fundaiser.  Then I got wicked sick.  I’ll share more about the trip in a later post.  For now I’ll share details of trivia.  … Continue reading

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