Trivia – Home Edition

I’ve been absent for a while.  First, I traveled to Haiti.  Then I ran the SFH trivia fundaiser.  Then I got wicked sick.  I’ll share more about the trip in a later post.  For now I’ll share details of trivia.  (I won’t share the illness with you.)

To read about the event, visit the official recap here.

To relive the event, take the trivia test below.  Test yourself!  Impress friends!  Cheat using Google!  No, don’t cheat, try it blind first.  Here are the questions without the music or the silent auction or the triviameister’s clever banter.


1 What historic landmark will celebrate its 100th anniversary next month on April 20?


2 The latest CD by the singer of the next song has set all sorts of records for sales. What is her name? You only have to give one of the four parts of her name, but you will get a bonus point for each one you supply beyond that. [Obviously, I can’t play the song – “Rumor Has It” – here, so I’ll give another clue: She won a slew of Grammies this year.]


3 Who created the first polio vaccine?


4 Who started Apple Computer with Steve Jobs?


5 Name just two of the 10 states that recently voted on Super Tuesday.


6 The US is divided into states, Canada into provinces. What governmental units is Haiti broken up into?  One bonus point: How many?


7 The famous painting, “The Scream”, has been stolen multiple times, including on opening day of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Who painted it?


8 The following are all types of what: stilts, Bananaquits, Bulbuls, Caracaras, fulmars, and nightjars?


9 What is the only book of the Bible that doesn’t mention God?


10 What New England native won the first ever women’s Olympic marathon in 1984 just 17 days after having arthroscopic surgery on her knee?


11 What is the primary ingredient of guacamole?


12 What’s the name of the pirate ship on which Jim Hawkins travels in ‘Treasure Island’? It’s particularly appropriate for tonight’s event.


13 Three of the top 15 guitarists in history (according to Rolling Stone magazine) got their start in the same band in the 60’s. Name the band and one of the three guitarists. One is heard on the following song.


14 What distinction does Carlos Slim hold?


15 What is the capital city of Kansas?


16 Passed in the early 20th century, by what more common name was the Volstead act known?

There was more to the test than this, but I don’t want to give it all away.  Besides, I could make yet another lazy man’s post with the rest of the quiz.

Good luck!


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