Biking the Vineyard

You may choose to call this yet another lazy man’s post.  I prefer the description busy/sick/tired man’s post.  What it amounts to is a bunch of links for a good cause.

I write posts for a blog about Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite vacation spot.  It also happens to be the site for the kickoff event of the MS Society’s bike ride fundraiser season.

All you need to know about these topics can be found in the following places:

I wrote a post for the MV blog about the ride.  You can find it here.

The ride is described on the Society’s web site here.

I’m making the ride this year.  You can find my personal fundraising page here.

I’m riding with my nephew Jon (a.k.a. Guy).  We formed a two-man team cleverly named Team Photo.  Our team site is here.

The point of all these links?  To take up space and get sponsors for my ride.  You can go to my page and make a donation.  There are three distances; I’m taking the shortest, 25K.  I used to do the 50K, but those days are gone.  Frankly, I’ll consider myself blessed to make the short length.

Now that’s a lazy er, busy man’s post if ever there was one!

In the words of Bartles and Jaymes (remember them?), “Thank you for your support.”


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