I can never give enough thanx for all that I’ve been blessed with.  While I’m thankful to a lot of people, the origin of “all good things”, as the song and the Word say, is my heavenly Father.

If there are duplicates here from previous posts, c’est la vie.  Chalk it up to MS and old age.  Herewith more excuses for gratitude:

  1. A visit to Haiti.
  2. Ridiculously successful trivia night.
  3. Surviving (barely) #3.
  4. Generous friends supporting my ride for MS.
  5. A supportive nephew riding with me.
  6. Worst Case Scenario.
  7. The ability to walk.
  8. My wife.
  9. Fast, affordable transportation to take me to visit loved ones who are far away.
  10. My daily bread, and then some.
  11. Blue Like Jazz, the book and movie.
  12. Peace Like a River by Leif Enger… again.
  13. Sleep.
  14. Resurrection Day.
  15. Mall Food Court Reunion.
  16. Biking weather.
  17. Good movies.
  18. Trees and flowers in bloom.
  19. Monite Métélus-Louis
  20. Apple strudel sticks from Fern’s

From the sublime to the ridiculous and back again.  If I were to consider everything there is to be thankful for, I’d have no time to complain.



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