Playing “Guess the Symptom”

“You might already be a winner!”

One of the fun things about MS is that you never know if that symptom you’re experiencing is MS or something entirely different.  It makes life so much more interesting when you have to guess the cause of the symptom before you can take a stab at a treatment.  And it gets better: your neurologist has no clue what’s going on either!

Welcome to the popular game show “Guess the Symptom”.

So you’ve been struggling with fatigue these many weeks (months, years).  You try to pick things up with Provigil or some other such med only to find out that you actually have a thyroid problem!  To make the game even more exciting, it turns out that the thyroid issue is a side effect of your MS med!

Is this much fun legal?

The same goes for numbness and tingling, aches and pains, vision problems, and lots of other well known problems that MS can cause.  It might be MS.  It might not. And MS has so many symptoms, that there is no end to the possibilities.

Round one:  Try some meds.  No luck?  Move on to the second round of our game: more meds or some non-traditional treatment.  If the symptom goes away, you win!  Congratulations!!

If the symptom remains, you go home with our consolation prize: You still have MS.

Of course, that’s the prize for winning, too.  What a hoot!

“Guess the Symptom” is a spinoff of that other popular game show, “Guess the Disease”.  That’s the one where they misdiagnose your MS as Lyme disease, tumor, or other condition that mimics MS symptoms.  You waste time with misleading tests and treatments.  Meanwhile you get to sweat not just one, but two or more diagnoses!

Now that’s what I call Double Jeopardy!

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1 Response to Playing “Guess the Symptom”

  1. Linda says:

    Good for you for finding the humor in the truth. Humor, even and sometimes especially dark humor, is an effective coping strategy amidst the uncertainty of disease. I think God invented humor.

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