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A lot of ink has been spilled on the topic of “work-life balance”.  To the average American corporation, work-life balance should look like this: [One former employer of mine, which will remain nameless but whose initials are I.B.M., eschewed WLB … Continue reading

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The Century Mark

I don’t count these posts.  That would be time-consuming and vain.  (Writing a blog is vain, I guess, so tracking these would be consistent with that.  But it’s definitely not worth the time investment.)  I am, however, notified religiously by … Continue reading

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Hello, Goodbye

Occasionally a thought will materialize before you that, although never evident before, becomes as clear as life itself.  It’s as if you have been sitting in bed in complete darkness when a flash of lightning illuminates a stranger standing at … Continue reading

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Occasionally, something occurs to me that overlaps the subject areas for the blogs I write.  It’s rare that something would touch all three – MV, Haiti, and this catch-all.  It’s quite common, however, for this blog to touch on something … Continue reading

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