The Century Mark

I don’t count these posts.  That would be time-consuming and vain.  (Writing a blog is vain, I guess, so tracking these would be consistent with that.  But it’s definitely not worth the time investment.)  I am, however, notified religiously by WordPress after each post regarding how many I have under my virtual belt.  Since the last one said it was number 99, that makes this one number…

Which makes me a member of the highly exclusive but nonexistent…

Honestly, I don’t know how long a typical blog runs, but my experience and intuition lead me to believe that most run out of gas (or steam or ideas or whatever powers them) well before they reach the century mark.

I should probably be proud of the fact that I’ve reached this milestone.  However, most blogs that make it this far probably have a following, which this one lacks to any degree.  That – among plenty of other things – keeps me humble.

Given the momentous nature of this occasion, you’d think I’d come up with something profound to write about in this post.

You’d be wrong.


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It's not about me, remember?
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