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Worms, Roxanne, worms!

(Note that the title has nothing to do with this post, except in the most oblique sense, noted below*.) I love words.  And when it comes to words, English is a treasure trove of the new and the old, the … Continue reading

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Blog diversity

One of the problems with this blog is its lack of focus.  When someone comes up with a blog, it’s usually aimed at a specific audience with the intent of building up readership to some end.  When you want to … Continue reading

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My MS testimony

A few months ago, I was asked to speak to a group of men in my church to tell my story, my testimony as it were.  I’m reproducing that speech here because it exemplifies perfectly the name of this blog.  … Continue reading

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My Chair List

We all know about a “bucket list.”  It’s the stuff you wanna do before you kick the bucket, reach the end of the line, call it a life, buy the farm, or go to join the choir invisible along with … Continue reading

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This land was made…

I’ve always thought that Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” would make a much better national anthem than the overtly militaristic “Star-Spangled Banner”. Besides the fact that it’s notoriously difficult to sing, the song is dreadfully dull and – … Continue reading

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