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Of haters and name-callers

The latest method of marginalizing opponents, especially popular among the Politically Correct crowd, is to label one’s adversaries as “haters”.  Name-calling (see “communist“) is a time-tested way to declare intellectually bankruptcy while maintaining an attack posture.  It’s the pathetic last … Continue reading

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Lesser Known MS Sypmtoms

MS manifests itself with lots and lots (and lots more) of possible symptoms.  Some of them are pretty nasty.  Over the years, they just pile up until you’ve got yourself some serious disability. Here’s a partial list of some of … Continue reading

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Rick’s Thotful Spot

This is a photo of a perfect place for a biker of very little brain (and less muscle) like myself to stop along my standard bike path route.  It tends to be around the mid-way point of my ride, so … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#2

I was convicted today about my lack of discipline in writing posts.  Thus, a post about my alternate spiritual disciplines is waaaay past due. Here’s a fun trick to try: Go an entire day without complaining or indeed saying anything … Continue reading

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Welcome to yet another esoteric collection, diverse assortment, eclectic mash-up (in the current vernacular), addled remembrance, stream-of-consciousness-based – and yet only microscopically partial – list of things I’m thankful for on this clear, warm, pristine, spectacular, God-infused, God-blessed day. It’s … Continue reading

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Approaching Jesus

I looked forward to Synagogue each Sabbath.  The congregation had long since let my deformity fade into the background along with much of the weekly ritual.  No more stares, no mumbled accusations of hidden sin. I was just another man … Continue reading

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Dickens, the prophet

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby is among my favorite novels.  And the RSC stage production thereof is the Best.Thing.Ever. One paragraph from the first chapter of the book haunts me in these economic times.  It is as true … Continue reading

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