Welcome to yet another esoteric collection, diverse assortment, eclectic mash-up (in the current vernacular), addled remembrance, stream-of-consciousness-based – and yet only microscopically partial – list of things I’m thankful for on this clear, warm, pristine, spectacular, God-infused, God-blessed day.

It’s worth stopping everything and creating these lists from time to time to prevent sclerosis of the soul.

  1. Stunning weather (in case that didn’t come through already)
  2. Good and Plenty
  3. Coming safely into the light from of an artificially induced dark tunnel
  4. S. Morgenstern
  5. Skype
  6. Faithfulness
  7. A serene and peaceful passing
  8. Surprise visitors from afar
  9. You
  10. Jake’s call to action
  11. Apple turnovers
  12. True North Coffee House
  13. The Lowell Folk Festival
  14. Dark chips
  15. Those (like Tim, Amy, Carolyn, and Andrew) who follow Jesus through the eye of the needle
  16. The CCA
  17. Rejection
  18. The Artist
  19. Freedom of speech
  20. Cribbage and backgammon

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It's not about me, remember?
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