Austin Film Festival

It’s been a while since my last post, so I owe an explanation.  I’m just back from eight days at the Austin Film Festival.  That experience will generate many hours of writing pleasure on my part and reading drudgery on yours.  Not really.  There were a lot of excellent movies, cool experiences, delicious meals, and fascinating talks that filled my time there.  Any of those could – and some will – be expanded upon to fill several posts.

Austin is the screenwriter’s film fest.  Being a screenwriter myself it’s a primo destination for me.  This one had even more going for it because I’d advanced to the second round of their screenwriting competition.

Austin is also a wicked (though they wouldn’t use that term) fun place to go.  It’s weird (they do use that term).  I’ll go into more specifics in coming days, but let me start with this:

Short movies are not often seen or talked about outside of the few minutes dedicated to them during the Academy awards.  Dozens of them are screened at AFF.  While there was no shortage of clunkers – I mean, excruciatingly bad – but there were a few spectacular films that completely overshadow those.  Three in particular stand out in my memory.

Head over Heels was the best, most inventive illustration of marriage I have ever seen on film.  Funny, sweet, profound, challenging, genius.  All words I’d apply to this little gem… all in glorious clay animation.

Atlantis was an engaging romantic story set against the final space shuttle launch.  To my mind, this has it all over Titanic as a film using an historic event as a backdrop to a romantic story.  And at about one ten thousandth of the cost.  From what I could observe, it also represents a tremendous logistical achievement.

Finally, there was a French film called “La Vitesse du Passé” (“The Speed of the Past”).  Long after most of the movies I’ve seen are just sludge taking up space in my brain (waiting to replaced by important facts like who the backup catcher is for the Milwaukee Brewers) this film still has me thinking.  Brilliant photography, concept, and performances. Even the music is great.  Astounding would not be an exaggeration.  For a taste, check out the trailer here.

There were other decent entries from all over the world.  Most of these will never reach a wide audience, but not for lack of artistic effort or quality.  I was inspired to make more shorts, make them better, and to seek them out.


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  1. Kathy says:

    reading drudgery – I like that line 🙂

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