Free Christian drama scripts! (and worth it)

In the days before I embarked on the temporary insanity of screenwriting and blogging, my writing time was taken up mostly with writing short sketches.  These were performed at churches, men’s groups, charitable fundraisers, and other gatherings.   Over the years, I built up quite a stockpile of scripts – good, bad, and ugly.

Those scripts have been sitting idle, festering on my hard drive for several years now.  The time has come, I recently concluded, to unleash them on an unsuspecting public.  To that end, I’ve created a new blog called Christian Scripts.  There you will find several dozen scripts, one per post, that have fermented over the years.  They should be ripe by now.

The scripts are out there as a service to anyone who wants to avail themselves of it. Most are best suited for accompanying sermons in church.  Some stand alone for use at theme-based events for men, women, or families.

There are no restrictions to their use.  I just don’t want them to go to waste.  All the information anyone will need regarding the scripts and their use can be found on the main page of the new blog.

There are 50 scripts there as of today.  I will add plenty more, including a few full length scripts, and several series.  If you “follow” the blog, you’ll get an email every time I add anything new.

God bless you.


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