Thanx #10

How did Thanksgiving pass by without me writing another “thanx” post?  (Search on the word “thanx” for the previous nine and to find out why I persistently and purposefully spell “thanks” wrong.)  My negligence is emblematic of my own inadequate sense of gratitude.  I try to be thankful to God for all the blessings that He has showered on me, but I can’t keep up.

So here’s the latest.  Forgive any repeats, but can one be too grateful for anything?

  1. Flatbread
  2. My Neurologically-Challenged Eating Group
  3. King Bidgood, Elbert, and the Cut-Ups, and others of their ilk
  4. Idylwilde Farms
  5. Being prayed for
  6. Bar Harbor
  7. Indian Summer (even if it only lasted one day)
  8. Gabe, Caleb, and family
  9. The International String Trio (check’em out!)
  10. Oral MS meds (a nice option should I choose to go that route)
  11. Five Guys in our backyard
  12. Adventures!
  13. Naren’s
  14. Charlie Peacock
  15. Austin
  16. Jesus (Can I ever be thankful enough for Him? No.)
  17. “Working@Home” (Who knows? Maybe that will have a link some day.)
  18. “UnChristian”
  19. Head Over Heels (in finals for Oscar® nomination!)
  20. Rising from Ashes

Twenty continues to be a nice round number at which to stop, but I could go on forever.  In fact, I mean to.


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