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The End of the World, part 4…

Yup, the world is ending… again.  It was supposed to end on 5/21/11 according to Harold Camping.  He amended that prediction to be October 21, 2011.  That’s come and gone, too.  (See the three posts I wrote on that fiasco.)  … Continue reading

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My posts have been erratic at best lately.  The holidays tend to be busy anyway, but I’m also absorbed in a new project, finishing the novel I started for NaNoWriMo.  With all that going on, I’m cutting back on the … Continue reading

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It’s time to stop the madness. Real and strict regulations must be placed on guns in the US now, NRA be damned.  Stop the rhetoric about what the constitution allows.  The constitution talks about a “well-regulated militia”.  There are no … Continue reading

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Save less money!

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me it drives him crazy to pay more for something than he absolutely has to.  That’s understandable.  Nobody wants to throw away money, although we do it all the time.  My friend might … Continue reading

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My prejudice on Pride and Prejudice

In an effort to avoid alienating the few readers I have, I try not to take controversial positions in this blog.  You’ll notice that I never mentioned where I stood during the recent elections, although I had very strong opinions … Continue reading

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