The End of the World, part 4…

mayantoptenYup, the world is ending… again.  It was supposed to end on 5/21/11 according to Harold Camping.  He amended that prediction to be October 21, 2011.  That’s come and gone, too.  (See the three posts I wrote on that fiasco.)  Now it’s the Mayans turn.  They say that Friday is the end of the line, finito, doomsday, no mas, the Big One, ball game, last stop, D-Day, fat lady singing, Final Destination whatever.

Here’s my contribution to the cause du jour (apologies to David Letterman): Top ten do’s and don’t’s in preparation for The End.

  1. Choose “credit” instead of “debit”.
  2. Hang the diet!  Ice cream and pizza for every meal!
  3. Don’t buy any extended warranties.
  4. Eat dessert first.
  5. Don’t fill the tank all the way.
  6. Use up your vacation time.
  7. Start only short books.
  8. Don’t see the first episode of “The Hobbit“.
  9. Get advance copies of the Downton Abbey Season 3 DVD set.
  10. Make peace with your Maker.

I was serious about that last one.  You never know when your world will end.

Bonus item for people with MS: Skip this week’s shot of Avonex.


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