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The greatest waste…

We’re all about conserving resources today.  Don’t waste gas, money, electricity, bandwith, time, food, water.  Yet, the world seems perfectly content wasting about 80% of the world’s greatest resource: human potential. This was brought vividly and painfully to mind recently … Continue reading

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Revenge of technology

Clearly, my posts about the attempts of technology to emulate the divine have struck a supernatural nerve somewhere.  My computer crashed last week.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I bought a new computer… …with Windows 8 installed. … Continue reading

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Techno-Babel, Take 2

In response to my previous post about technology emulating divine attributes, a friend sent me this story from NPR.  One more unique property of the divine has now come to the masses via social networking: immortality. Now you can forever … Continue reading

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I’ve been concerned of late about the frequency with which I start sentences with “I”.  I use it first in most sentences in verbal exchanges, blog entries, email, and just about every other form of communication.  I’m surely not alone … Continue reading

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Technology Babel

This week I read the latest book by the amazing and inimitable Anne Lamott: Help, Thanks, Wow – The Three Essential Prayers. * In it, she tells a profound joke (source unknown) that contains more truth than most of the … Continue reading

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