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TV Dinner or Stew?

The world is broken up into two different kinds of people: TV dinner people and stew people.  No, this has nothing to do with diet or taste preferences.  These are lifestyle choices. I’m a stew guy.  My life is a … Continue reading

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Phone ramblings

For no apparent reason other than wanting to come up with an inane and innocuous post, the subject of telephones has been on my mind of late.  Thus I hereby subject you to random subjective musings on the subject of … Continue reading

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Because other writing projects are monopolizing my energies, I’ll fill some time and space with more quotes that mean a great deal to me for one reason or another. First, St. Paul has some words of exhortation, originally shared with … Continue reading

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Thanx #11

My cup of gratitude runneth over.  Way overdue for giving thanks. While I’m thankful to many people, this is thanksgiving to God first and foremost because He is the author of all good things. Also, forgive the repeats, but can one … Continue reading

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Debating God

For the past several weeks, I’ve been captivated by the story of a woman I read about in my lifelong crawl through the Bible.  This is a story about a woman who had the audacity to become engaged in a … Continue reading

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The Business of MS

MS was Big News recently when the FDA approved a new drug called Tecfidera (or BG-12, as it was known before approval) for the treatment of MS.  If you were to believe the media hype, you’d think this was cause … Continue reading

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