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Random musings

I just read the story of the transfiguration of Jesus in chapter 9 of the Gospel of Mark.  In verses 5-6, Mark says that Peter was so frightened by what he was witnessing, “He did not know what to say.”  So, … Continue reading

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MS: Who knows what?

In a previous post about MS misinformation, I promised to write about how to get good information.  This is an attempt to keep that promise. Getting accurate and reliable information about MS is, for the most part, impossible.  That’s because … Continue reading

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Your Mama does dance

Back in my younger days, Loggins and Messina was one of the more popular bands, and for good reason.  While their music covered a wide spectrum of genres from soft folk ballads to jazzy rockers, their anthem was a good … Continue reading

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When help doesn’t help

I love the bike path in town.  If this wasn’t obvious from the dozen or so positive mentions of it in previous posts (like this one), let me state it now: The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is great!  It’s has … Continue reading

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The amount of misinformation I encounter about Multiple Sclerosis continues to astound me.  Those of us who live in the MS subculture are exposed to the reality behind the disease via doctors, books, talks, and our own bodies.  For the … Continue reading

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