Your Mama does dance

dance1Back in my younger days, Loggins and Messina was one of the more popular bands, and for good reason.  While their music covered a wide spectrum of genres from soft folk ballads to jazzy rockers, their anthem was a good old-fashioned rocking tune called “Your Mama Don’t Dance”.  As most people (should) know, the title is also the first line of the chorus.  The second line is akin to the first, “…and your Daddy don’t rock and roll.”  

Leaving aside the more prurient interpretation of those lyrics, they were for the most part true.  My Mama, like most Mamas of the day (Mama Cass notwithstanding), didn’t dance.  And my Daddy sure as shooting didn’t come even close to rocking or rolling.  We were mortified that our parents were so (to use obsolete terminology) square.

Times, as is their wont, have changed.

Last week I went to a terrific concert by one of the “old wild men”, as 10CC (another great band) called the aging rockers: Boz Scaggs.  He’s best known for his huge hit, “Lido Shuffle“, but that isn’t even the tip of his musical iceberg.  He was awesome when he first began recording in the 60’s and I’m here to declare he’s still awesome.

But this isn’t intended as a testimonial to Boz, deserving as he is.  It was his audience that is the subject of this post.  They were old.  I’m talking really old.  As old as me and even older.  There were not only Mamas and Daddies, there was no shortage of Grandmas, Gramps, Yayas, and Grandads, probably some of the “great” variety.  And they were most definitely dancing, rocking, and rolling, sometimes all at the same time.

It could have been a depressing sight, but it was kinda cool.  When the music moved them, they complied.  That’s how it should be, regardless of age.  It’s the power and fun of music.  (Do you believe in magic?)

So in spite of the fact that I’m a Daddy, I do indeed rock and roll.  My wife dances, too.  We’re not ashamed of it.  Ironically, if you played that old L&M standard, we’d be shakin’ it on the floor before you could say Chuck Berry.  Of course, to paraphrase Norm from “Cheers”, at our age, everything shakes.

One thing hasn’t changed: Our kids are still mortified.  They’d definitely prefer square parents.  I say, deal with it.


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2 Responses to Your Mama does dance

  1. Diane says:

    Oh I Loved Logan’s & Messina, them by themselves, James Taylor. “Pooh’s Corner” we play on our 8 track driving over to CA all the time. At was our music to comfort us (hubby & I) before kids & few yrs past. My hubby refuses to grow up. When we 1st got married we used to go out with my Dad & do the “gitter bug” at the VFW club. It was a good time then.Loved this post!!!! ❤️ Brought back wonderful memories, Thank-you

    • rickconti says:

      Thanx, Diane. I’m glad I could help awaken those pleasant memories. Music is great for that. I still listen to the classics that comprise the soundtrack of my life. It’s funny how it can revive the good memories, but the bad ones stay dormant.

      Keep dancing!

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