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Moving sdrawkcab…

In my last post, I hyperbolically decried society’s relentless plunge into automotive anarchy.  Today my target is the language.  It’s not just a matter of words and phrases losing their punch or even their meaning.  That problem has been painfully … Continue reading

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The new Stop sign

I declare it official: The red light is the new stop sign. Some time in the past, the stop sign lost its clout.  Those big red octagons that looked so daunting when they were first erected no longer strike fear … Continue reading

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The PB&J MS treatment

Whenever someone with MS has good luck (and luck it very well might be) with a lifestyle choice with respect to how it affects MS, they feel the need to write a book about it.  Greed plays no small part … Continue reading

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Thanx #12

It’s easy to maintain an attitude of gratitude.  There’s so much to be thankful for.  My problem is I don’t always remember those blessings.  In Days of Yore (as opposed to Days of Mye?) the folks in the Old Testament … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa

It’s been said confession is good for the soul.  I confess: I am a liar.   It’s bad to lie.  That’s common knowledge.  Few would dispute it, but we all do it.  Lately I told a whopper of a lie – … Continue reading

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Irrelevant on the road

Friday I was invisible at the mall.  Lately I’ve noticed my irrelevancy everywhere else, but especially on the road, whether on two wheels or four.  Or two feet. No one calls me on my cell phone while I’m driving.  The … Continue reading

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Invisible at the mall

The Mall is not a place I like to hang out.  In fact, I pretty much hate those cathedrals of consumerism.  On occasion, however, I’ll meet friends at the food court for lunch.  Mall food courts have several advantages. First, … Continue reading

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August Already

Today is August 1st.  As usual, it followed hard on the heels of July 31.  Yet that can’t be.  Summer half over?  It just got here.  Tiresome, huh? This is nothing new.  Everyone moans about the increasing velocity of time … Continue reading

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