August Already

secondhand3Today is August 1st.  As usual, it followed hard on the heels of July 31.  Yet that can’t be.  Summer half over?  It just got here.  Tiresome, huh?

This is nothing new.  Everyone moans about the increasing velocity of time as we age.  When we were in grammar school, summer was a long languid crawl through extended times of freedom and fun.  Today, it’s barely begun when I look over my shoulder to find snow blower sales gaining on me.

It’s a simple matter of arithmetic.  With six years of life behind you, two months is 1/36 of your life.  At 60, the same period of absolute time is 1/360.  Thus, your summer is ten times shorter as you reach senior status.  Just call me the Bringer of Bad News.

In his song “Nod Over Coffee“, the late, great Mark Heard referred to this swift, inexorable passing of time as, “the curse of the second hand.”  No matter how hard we try, we can’t slow that sucker down.  It’s gonna endlessly tick off 60 every minute, 360 every hour, etc.

Ironically, we try to make the most of the brief time we’re allotted by cramming more activities into it.  That only makes time seem to pass faster.  We’re our own worst enemies.

Today, instead of jamming our schedules, clear them out.  Re-prioritize to make time for the truly most important parts of life.  What are those?  I guess that list is different for everyone.  In my case, it’s a short list of God, others, then me.  Others has its own sub-list that starts with my wife, then children, and so on.  If you’re reading this, you’re on my list.

No great revelations here.  It’s cliche to call this moment the “present” because it’s a gift, but that sentiment’s triteness doesn’t make it any less true.

This is a short reflection because most of my writing energy is being poured into a novel I’m trying to finish up.  I guess that’s on the list, too.

God bless you all…


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