Invasion of the jerks

The trend in entertainment these days is to portray the world as being under siege by zombies.  That’s the least of our worries.  The reality of the situation is that all of society is suffocating under an invasion of jerks.

They’re everywhere.  Two places where I see them are in close correlation to the circles in which I run (or ride): biking and disabilities.


Bike Jerk Fail

First are the cyclists who generally ignore all traffic patterns, laws, and common sense.  These clowns barge through red lights, weave through lines of cars, and pay no heed to vehicles or pedestrians in their way or in their wake.  All this without wearing helmets.  I guess there’s a fine line between “jerk” and “suicidal maniac”.  (They also use their cell phones while riding.  Sheesh!)

By guilt of association, I’m a jerk, too.  Drivers hate cyclists for the most part and I can’t say as I blame them.  Unfortunately, I’ve been known to take the brunt of drivers’ anger at another cyclist.


Parking Fail

Then there are those folks who ignore handicapped parking restrictions.  Is there a lower form of life on earth than the guy who illegally takes a parking spot from a disabled driver?  Actually, there is.  The one who parks so close to the van of a disabled person (in spite of warnings plastered to said van) that the handicapped driver is unable to get back into his or her vehicle because the wheelchair ramp is blocked.  It has happened to friends of mine.

My dream is to run my key along the side of the offending car and leave a note saying, “Being a jerk is not a legal handicap for parking purposes.”  I haven’t done that yet, but only by the grace of God.

Where are all these jerks coming from?  Why the invasion now?  What is the source of this assault on civility?

The answer to that question – at least, my answer to it – in my next post…

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