World Seriously?

papiI’m watching too much sports.  As a result, my nerves are frayed, my imagination is stunted, and my sleep is deprived.  What can I do?  I’m an American male.  Worse, I’m a New England male.

The upside of watching sports is the surprise factor.  It’s like watching a movie or reading a book whose ending hasn’t been written. Nobody – no director, writer, producer, or studio bigwig – has any idea what will happen.  (Exception: 1919 Chicago Black Sox)

Example: Yesterday, I watched a Big Budget Hollywood Blockbuster.  They shelled out almost two hundred million bucks on this beast, but I knew exactly how it would end.  (Not every movie can be “The Sixth Sense”, after all.)  But I also watched two sporting events whose ends were completely unexpected and likely couldn’t have been scripted.

I watched two New England football teams play a single game: The New England Mr. Hyde Patriots played the Miami Dolphins for one half of football.  It looked like a Pop Warner team playing a vintage 60’s Green Bay.  In the second half, the Dr. Jekyll Patriots showed up and swapped places with the Miami crew, who could have been a high school team up against, well, the Patriots.  Who knew?

The better game, however, was the World Series with the Red Sox visiting St. Louis.  Look at the stuff that happened in this game:

  1. David Ortiz legged out an infield hit!
  2. Ortiz hit a stand-up double!
  3. Papi also tagged up on a short fly ball to left and scored!  You can’t make this stuff up.
  4. Johnny Gomes, whose longest hit in the series so far landed on the backstop, hit the game winning home run.
  5. The last out was a pick-off at first base.  Never happened before in WS history.

Now that’s drama!  Then there was the interference call that cost the Sox the game the night before.  There’s never been a walk-off interference call in WS history either.  (Larry Barnett and Ed Armbrister, take notice!!!)

So it was all fun, unexpected, and it gave me something to write about in this blog so I wouldn’t have to deal with my writer’s block.

Win, win, win!


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