What’s bacon?

Oh Baby!  I love bacon.Can somebody please tell me what the deal is with bacon?  Suddenly this humble strip of pig flesh is in more places than the non-humble strips of flesh known as the Kardashians (whoever they are).  Evidently, the bacon express is leaving the station and no one wants to be left behind.

In recent weeks alone, I’ve come upon the following bacon references:

  1. A character in a movie wearing a T-shirt with this message emblazoned across a heart: “You had me at bacon.”
  2. A piece of jewelry with the (I can only assume complimentary) message: “I love you more than bacon.”
  3. A bacon calendar at a mall calendar kiosk.
  4. Two people wearing bacon costumes.  (Scary!!)

Those are just the ones I remember… and I don’t remember much.

BaconSuitBaconDressBacon can now be found in the most eclectic collection of items you can imagine.  Candied bacon ice cream, bacon bandages, bacon frosting, and bacon soap.  Bacon flavored baby formula?  Yikes!  Bacon toothpaste?  It’s out there.  Waaaaay out there.

Are you ready for a bacon film festival?  I hope so, because it’s already here.

Up for some surprises?  Google bacon, especially bacon images.  Your arteries will harden just looking at all those porcine plugs.

Who knew we needed that stuff?  But I guess that’s the point.  We need what we’re told to need.  That’s the takeaway here.  Today it’s bacon, tomorrow it could be lard, Nilla Wafers, or nose hairs.  (If there’s a difference.)  You may not think much about those now, but were you thinking about bacon a year ago?

Unfortunately, all this baco-craziness has its down side, as does any obsession.  Bacon is probably the least healthy thing you can put in your mouth that’s meant to go there.  Nitrites, fat, sodium – all the basic killer food groups.

Now, I like bacon as much as the next guy.  Statistically speaking, more than the next guy.  A lot more. Especially if the next guy is vegan.  Or the bacon has a nice maple or apple smoked flavor.  The conventional wisdom today says that everything is better with bacon.

Who am I to argue?


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