Losers or posers – pick one

It’s the NE Patriots bye week.  Since I can’t watch football, I’ll write about it.

What’s with the the players on lousy football teams – and there are a lot of lousy teams – posing, showboating, and taunting?  These guys don’t seem to care if their team is a bunch of 2-7 whipping boys for the three or four good teams in the NFL.  Every time they make a tackle, they dance around like a collection of DWTS wannabes.

NFL6Some clown catches his team’s only touchdown in a 40-7 drubbing and he does the Heisman pose as he crosses the goal line.  A better idea would be to take a good long look at the end zone because he may not see it again for a few games.  No matter how you pose, you still play for the {Raiders, Bills, Vikings, Jags, etc.}.

NFL3The other move is the flip into the end zone.  Yeah, that’s smart.  Secretly, don’t we all wish this guy would break his pelvis and end up on IR?  Then we wouldn’t have to put up with his infantile antics for the rest of the year.  Sorry, Desean.  In spite of all your showboating, the Eagles are going nowhere but home.

nfl8Then there’s the finger wag.  It’s a special favorite of arrogant linemen and other defensive players who stop a run or pass.  Once.  It doesn’t matter if they have cleat marks all over their backs from previous plays.  I’ve got news for you, JJ.  All that posing doesn’t change the fact that you play for the sorry Texans.

So here’s the challenge to NFL players: You can be a poser or a loser.  Pick one.  You can’t be both.


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