Thanx #13 (Lucky Thanksgiving edition)

thanx13It’s that time of year when we eat ourselves senseless then pass out in front of a Detroit Lions (or other) football game.

If you’re in my family, you can also look forward to a week long celebration with kids, food, games, more food, some raking, then more games and food.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we do right.

There’s no shortage of gratitude either.  Family comes from far and wide to share this time.  That’s reason enough for Thanksgiving, but I have a few more items on my list, as usual.

I’m forever grateful for…

  1. Book reviewers
  2. Little movies like Schultze Gets the Blues, The Sapphires, Unfinished Song, The Intouchables, and many more with no aliens, spies, or superheroes.  They’re about people.  (Remember people, Hollywood?)
  3. The 2013 World Series champion Red Sox.  (Fear the Beard!)
  4. Waterfire
  5. Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza
  6. Feeling better
  7. An invitation to the Academy Awards… sort of
  8. 1 down and 999 to go
  9. Natural ticker tape
  10. Visits and emails from the west coast, whether family or strangers
  11. Call blocking
  12. Dr. Bob
  13. Lazy man’s apple crisp
  14. Federal Hill
  15. Knocking the Cliff Walk off my chair list
  16. Jesus being Lord
  17. Beyond the final chapter
  18. E-Z Access ramp
  19. Hitting the top 5
  20. A self-healing TV

In truth, besides this cryptic 20, I have a longer list every day because it includes life and breath, friends and family, food and shelter, Coke and dark chips…  If I wrote them all down all the time, I wouldn’t have time to enjoy them all!

May God bless you all this Thanksgiving with an overflowing flagon of gratitude.


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