The new mailbox

It’s time for a new mailbox design:

mbrecycleApproximately 90-95% of my mail goes directly into the recycling anyway.  Why not eliminate the middleman, i.e. me?

Here’s the approximate mail breakdown at my house:

  • General flyers (pizza and Chinese , local events, assorted spam) 25%
  • Comcast and Verizon solicitation 10%
  • Catalogs 20%
  • Credit card applications: 40%
  • Bills and real mail 5%

Most of our bills and personal correspondence are of the electronic variety.  Those electrons get recycled already.  In fact, this post is written with 75% post-consumer electrons!

The rest of the junk (and junk it is) goes directly to the recycling.  Do not pass my eyes, do not spend $200.

Let Verizon and Comcast slug it out on TV.  You’d save on your cable bill.

Don’t even get me started on credit card applications.

Catalogs have always been a bane of mine.  Before I saw the light, I would always peruse them and eventually find something I needed.  I didn’t know I needed it till I laid my eyes on the psychologically designed photo and read the tempting text describing it.

Since I got a grip and started pitching those demons without a first glance, I’ve probably saved a fortune.  It’s good to pray, “Lead me not into temptation,” but sometimes you are your own answer to prayer.  Toss that temptation!

Especially this time of year.


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2 Responses to The new mailbox

  1. Yes, indeed. Toss that temptation!

  2. Pat Haven says:

    So true! Talk about a waste of paper! Especially when you are cleaning the clutter for the Thanksgiving Day celebration!

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