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Waltz of the Flowers

It’s nothing but a simple waltz, part of the much larger and more ambitious Nutcracker, yet it’s arguably my favorite piece of music.  When I hear Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”, which I have several times this Christmas season, it … Continue reading

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The Gospel according to Linus van Pelt

It’s been done before and it will be done again, God willing.  Can anything better be posted to a blog on Christmas Eve than the most famous of all Christmas speeches, one delivered by a fictional, intellectually precocious – if … Continue reading

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O Holy Night

We sing – or at least hear sung – Christmas carols dozens of times each holiday season.  It’s worth meditating on the words. O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining, It is the night of my dear Saviour’s birth. … Continue reading

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Our Family Christmas Letter

Well, it’s been a whole year since our last Christmas letter.  It seems like no more than twelve months.  How time flies!  We hope your holiday season is filled with great memories, lots of fruitcakes, and few incidents with law … Continue reading

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Have a safe Christmas

During the Christmas season, between family visits, holiday events, and gift shopping (locally, of course *), giving, and receiving, things tend to be a bit hectic.  On top of all that, I’m drained from finishing my first novel.  (If anyone … Continue reading

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What I learned from a fictional Santa

It being the Christmas season, my household is in the midst of its annual rite of watching our most cherished seasonal productions.  Everyone has their favorite Christmas movies and TV shows.  As owner of this blog, it’s my right – … Continue reading

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A Lexus roasting on an open fire

Who the heck is buying all those overpriced luxury cars for Christmas presents?  Someone must be, because the ads are everywhere.  You can’t watch fifteen minutes of TV without seeing a Mercedes, Infiniti, or Audi with a big bow on … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Drop-in

I fancy myself the Last Living Practitioner of the Drop-In.  The drop-in is a long neglected practice that the world would do well to rediscover. What is the drop-in?  Any unannounced visit is a drop-in, although any unexpected visit with … Continue reading

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