A Lexus roasting on an open fire

xmascarWho the heck is buying all those overpriced luxury cars for Christmas presents?  Someone must be, because the ads are everywhere.  You can’t watch fifteen minutes of TV without seeing a Mercedes, Infiniti, or Audi with a big bow on top.

Who would guess – what with all the complaining about taxes, unemployment, and high prices –  there would be so much disposable income around (especially at this time of year) that husbands and wives could afford to buy each other matching Acura SUVs?

I haven’t seen any ads for giving a Hyundai or a Prius.  Why not a small pickup?  Maybe I’m watching the wrong shows.  Those are probably advertised on “Duck Dynasty”, whatever that is.

Hey, I used to get and give cars for Christmas, but those were of the Matchbox, Revell, or Corgi variety.  Not enough to make someone weep upon seeing one in the driveway, a common occurrence in those annoying ads.

There are only two possible solutions to this riddle.

  1. No one is really buying cars for Christmas.  The car companies are simply throwing money away on goofy ads in order to build holiday spirit with no hope of making gobs of money in return.  Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.
  2. There’s a lot of money out there for this kind of conspicuous over-consumption.

I’m guessing #2 is the answer.  But I’m also guessing that money is spread over a very small percentage of the American public.  The top 1% of the super-rich have more than 35% of the total wealth in this country, while 90% of the population shares one third of the money out there.  That’s right: The top 1% have more than the “bottom” 90%.

While the lower class fights amongst themselves over imitation electronic gadgets at Walmart on Thanksgiving Day, the elite hobnob together in spacious Lexus showrooms, deciding whether to get the heated leather seats or heated steering wheel… or both.

Draw your own conclusions, but I’d say Ebenezer Scrooge is laughing all the way to the BMW dealer.


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2 Responses to A Lexus roasting on an open fire

  1. John Vaporis says:

    It truly is amazing how expensive things are Rick. I can’t believe the housing price how can anyone afford a home these days necessitating two people to have high paying jobs and then who is raising the kids. Then you have the parent guilt because deep down they know they aren’t properly taking care of their children. I just found out that if you make less than $80k you qualify for heating assistance and wouldn’t that mean everyone by the way pay hasn’t kept up with inflation. Not sure if you heard but one Walmart started collecting cans of food for its employees. Shame shame….
    Making $80k is a an unrealistic dream and yet everyone seems to have a new Lexus.
    Mammon or God… My family and I choose God.

    • rickconti says:

      Too true. Every year, income for most people in the endangered middle class effectively drops. Salaries stay the same, but everything else increases.
      As for the luxury SUVs, I couldn’t even afford the fuel, insurance, and taxes. I’m more than happy with my 10+ year-old Civic, thank you very much.

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