Have a safe Christmas

During the Christmas season, between family visits, holiday events, and gift shopping (locally, of course *), giving, and receiving, things tend to be a bit hectic.  On top of all that, I’m drained from finishing my first novel.  (If anyone knows a publisher or agent looking for new titles, let me know and I’ll add you to my acknowledgements page. 🙂 )

All that just to say that my posts are few and those few are on the lean side.  This is a prime example.  Here’s a toy  I came upon that restores my faith in humanity this Christmas.  It’s nice to know the toy manufacturers are looking out for our little ones’ well-being.

BoomHave a Merry Christmas and beware of exploding gifts.

(*For those who still doubt the value of shopping locally, here’s a brief anecdote, an experience I had today in a local shop.  My daughter and I walked into this store we go to every year a few days before Christmas.  When the owner saw us, she called out to us, “Now I know it’s Christmas!”  We spent a few bucks on gifts and got a priceless memory.)


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