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TV murders the computer

Don’t you love a provocative title?  As usual, I’m relying on hyperbole (or, as Brian Regan would mispronounce: the epitome of hyperbole).  Or maybe not.  My meaning behind this title is that the computer is no longer oriented to… well, … Continue reading

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Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about something that is the “best thing ever”, or as more often expressed, Best.Thing.Ever.  Invariably, those statements are hyperbole at best. Not this time. I just stumbled on the Best.Thing.Ever.  Unlike other such claims, … Continue reading

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DIY Psalms

While I’m a Monty Python fan in general, there’s a completely unfair line in “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”, attributed to God Himself, about the Psalms.  A blasphemous image of The Big Guy Upstairs says, “It’s like those miserable Psalms– they’re … Continue reading

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Top ten signs the world is passing you by

You’ve reached a certain age and you’re not sure you’re still in touch with the what’s going on around you – a problem many of us find ourselves in. Luckily for you I’m here to help you confront this calamitous … Continue reading

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MS & Diet

If there’s ever a post title to scare people off, it’s this one.  The support group I attend has had dieticians visit and lecture us on how to eat.  Every member of that group is now of a singular opinion: … Continue reading

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Cleaning the world, one toilet at a time

I’m passing this on to promote a family member’s worthy cause.  It’s a chance to make a big difference with a little cash: We don’t think about toilets because we all have them.  Life is challenging enough in most … Continue reading

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Never forget… Haiti

We Americans are all about remembering past tragedies.  It goes back to (at least) the Alamo and has been followed by Wounded Knee, the Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, all the way up to Boston Strong. This is a Good Thing.  … Continue reading

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