A resolution for you: Do what you can

2014If calendars, media, and the Google doodle are to be believed, it’s a new year.  Years, like all other units of time measurement, are pretty arbitrary creations.  What on earth (pun intended) does a trip around the sun mean to us in any tangible sense?  Nothing, yet one revolution is enough to inspire a thousand resolutions.

As a person living with MS, I have a resolution for you.  Sounds pretty controlling, doesn’t it?  I can’t disagree.  But I don’t control anyone – I can’t even control myself much of the time – so think of it as more of an encouragement.

The resolution I’d like everyone to consider is to do what they can do.

That’s about as low as resolution-fruit hangs.  The bar can’t be set much lower.  The reason it’s important to me, and probably to a lot of folks with MS, is that there are so many things we can’t do, things we used to do and wish we still could.

As frustrating as it is to watch others do things such as running, playing sports, walking, etc., it’s even more frustrating for me to watch able-bodied folks who are capable of those activities choose instead to sit idly on their ever-widening bottoms.  It’s comparable to a starving man watching someone toss an uneaten meal into the trash.  (I’ve seen this first-hand; it’s not pretty.)

Tennis, running, and skiing, all pastimes of the past for me, are no longer possibilities.  It would be gratifying to me if those who can do those things but don’t would do them in my stead.  It doesn’t actually help me, I realize, but at least I’d know time and good health weren’t being wasted.

I try to do my part.  As I’ve written (and written and written and…) before, I can still ride a bike, so I do so.  As it turns out, that activity can be used to help people when I do it to raise funds for MS, which I will once again do this spring, God willing.  I’ll start begging later in the year, but my donation web site is already optimistically set up here.

So I ask you to resolve: Do what others cannot.  If possible, help others in the process.

Besides, you never know when the razor boy will come and take it all away.  (Will you still have a song to sing?)


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2 Responses to A resolution for you: Do what you can

  1. Nikki CB says:

    Well said. And motivating.

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